I want to settle my joint marital property by agreement.

  • Are you getting a divorce and don't know what to do with your joint property?
  • You aren't sure what falls under joint marital property and what does not?
  • Are you already divorced but have not yet settled your property?

If you want to avoid a de facto settlement by legal presumption (YOUR QUESTIONS), it would be good to make a joint marital property settlement agreement with your ex-spouse. Settlement by agreement is appropriate primarily in situations where both former spouses are in agreement on the division of their property. In the "Property Agreement" package we offer:

  1. A detailed two-hour consultation on the form and effects of the joint marital property settlement agreement;
  2. Preparing a simple joint marital property settlement agreement;
  3. Making the related arrangements for notarial services.
    Please note that to take legal effect, a joint marital property agreement requires the agreement and certified signatures of both current/future spouses. We reserve the right to change the price for this service based on the scope of the property and relationships affected in the modification.


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