How our services are evaluated by clients


"I would very much like to thank you for the legal services of the bpv Braun Partners s.r.o. office. regarding custody of children and settlement of SJM in divorce proceedings. I greatly appreciate your professional approach, quick responses and understanding of my life situation in which I found myself. Mr. Mgr. Pavel Vintr was a great psychological support for me, which was very important for me at that moment and gave me new strength and hope that things will get better. Thank you very much and I wish you many more successes in your work and much happiness in your personal life."


"When I first contacted Mgr. Pavla Vintra, my situation regarding the care of my daughter seemed almost hopeless. I was pushed into a corner by my ex-partner, a manipulator, and I didn't know how to get out of this situation. Thanks to the help of Mgr. Pavel Vintra and his colleagues Mgr. Adam Stawaritsch I am slowly recovering from the worst. We won several lawsuits, whether it was about kindergarten, school, permanent residence of the daughter, enforcement of alimony and, lastly, defending the position of child care. Unfortunately, I know that I will face more court appearances in the future, but I believe that with the legal help of Master Vintra, everything will turn out well for me and my daughter in the end."


"As a long-term client of Mgr. I rate Pavel Vintra highly both professionally and also for the no less important human side of his work, which he has done for me up to this time. He has always been a great moral and professional support for me, in the very sensitive matters of divorce litigation and child care, practically at any time and place. Mr. Mgr. Vintr has a professional, sensitive and tactful approach to the given problem, he is impartial. The child's satisfaction is his priority."


"Since it was my first time preparing for trial, I had absolutely no idea what it all entailed and what was in store for me! M.Sc. Pavel Vintr was recommended to me by my longtime friend, who was very sure that the legal services of bpv Braun Partners s.r.o. they are the best for me. And so our cooperation began. Very important in any cooperation is mutual sympathy, trust, which was given to me right from the very beginning in this whole world that was absolutely unknown to me! M.Sc. Pavel Vintr was always available when needed, always looking for options and options and was always a support when I was confused and afraid. I greatly appreciate the approach of assistant Mgr. Adam Stawaritsch, who was the same for me as Mgr. winter From my point of view and with a clear conscience, I can say that your services include maximum service, and that is very important for any legal process! If I need your services again in the future, I will 100% contact you."