How our services are evaluated by clients


"I went to Mgr. Jiráková for legal services at the recommendation of someone I know. Her decisive manner, fast and clear communication, attention to detail and understanding of the issue were superb. She made me feel more self-confident and assured me that having equal parenting rights to the other parent even after divorce is not a privilege, but the foundation! Thank you!"


"Thank you to attorney Gabriela Jiráková from bpv Braun Partners. She helped me in two ways. She combines professionalism with a friendly and calming demeanor. If I ever need legal services again in the future, I will definitely go to her and bpv Braun Partners."


"bpv Braun Partners, s.r.o. provided excellent support in helping with my family problems. All its services were at a high professional level. I greatly appreciate their personal approach and realistic assessment of the situation. I would like to single out Mgr. Gabriela Jiráková for thanks, as she managed to keep the discussion at a productive level despite the often tense atmosphere with the other party. She was part of the reason we were ultimately able to reach an agreement and the court case was more of a formality."


"Asking Mgr. Gabriela Jiráková to act as legal counsel in my dispute with my ex-partner over custody arrangements for our children absolutely made the difference for me. I asked her to represent me based on recommendations from friends at a point when it had become impossible to reach any sort of agreement with my ex-partner. While the dispute remained extremely difficult and complicated, the final court ruling means that I can continue seeing my children as I wanted from the very beginning. I am very grateful to Mgr. Jiráková for that."


"I was very happy with Mgr. Gabriela Jiráková. She was friendly and helpful. Always professional. Great communicator. I can confidently recommend Mgr. Gabriela Jiráková and bpv Braun Partners."


"Professional, friendly and most of all empathetic - that alone guarantees a smooth process and good results. That's how it went for me. Don't let her age fool you, because her approach helps calm the situation down and create the right conditions for a successful solution. She is professional yet still sensitive and compassionate. And that's what counts."